We help corporate clients prevent PR disasters by identifying potential internal threats before they become public knowledge 

Our Mission to Clients

Our mission is to deliver clear and precise information about potential PR issues before they become public. Clients should expect for us to identify existing company dynamic issues that create unnecessary friction, for us to provide actionable solutions to remedy any issues that are identified, and list out steps the company can take to prevent issues from arising in the future or be better equipped to deal with them. After successful completion of two visits, our clients can feel confident in knowing that they can expect their employees to communicate with precision and not in ways that create risk for the company. 

Our Clients

The common quality in our clients is their commitment to ensuring that workplace dynamics do not develop into something where financial and reputational damage could occur. This includes large companies with over a dozen C-suite individuals, startups with only a handful of employees, and universities and other public institutions that need to be able to identify areas of potential harm before long lasting reputational damage occurs. All of our findings are private and discussed only with the individual(s) who hire us and invite us to work with their organization.  

About Us

The Anaflow Consulting Group was created to help companies identify potential dangers that could cause financial and reputational damage due to unchecked management practices that negatively impact the workplace dynamic. Every year, millions of dollars are lost dealing with public relations, lawsuits, and employee training due to workplace issues that are overlooked by HR and on site managers. Our firm acts as an independent third party and helps your company by meeting with your C-suite employees and identifying any issues that your company may have so that executives can be made aware of and deal with issues as they seem necessary in order to prevent reputational or financial damage. We act quickly and quietly to ensure your company has the information necessary to stay ahead of any internal conflict that could become a public relations nightmare. We keep all of the information we collect from our clients private, and only discuss our findings with the appropriate managers at your company .

Our Team

The Anaflow Consulting Group is composed of individuals who hold postgraduate degrees in Human Resource Management, Psychology, Computer Science, Behavioral Science, Mathematics, and Business Management. Every on site visit will have at least two of our team members be present; our team lead and project coordinator will be on site, while the rest of our team will remain remote unless your company specifically requires additional assistance.

Our Services to Clients: The Public Image and Internal Dynamics Package

In the last several years, there has been numerous examples of inappropriate workplace conduct that cost companies millions of dollars in financial losses and an incalculable amount of reputational damage. Many of these example’s stem from unchecked practices that began decades ago, while other examples are relatively recent. As an independent third party, our goal is to work with your company to identify areas where bad leadership practices may be occurring, develop actionable steps your company can take to remedy these issues, and develop an ongoing year to year strategy to ensure your company has the assistance it needs to keep workplace culture from developing into a public relations nightmare. All of our work with clients is private and confidential, and all findings are never discussed by anyone other than those assigned to work with your company. It is not our objective make any of our findings public nor is it our objective to tell a company to take disciplinary action against a manager or employee. Our goal is to make your company aware of all the qualities that we identify as potentially harmful so that you may take action however you deem appropriate.

In leadership, managers with unchecked authority can sometimes become problematic when they’ve been in the same position for years. No good intentioned company ever intends for this to happen; many organizations do not have the proper procedures in place to remedy bad management whenever it develops. As a result, toxic leaders are often left in the same position only for the quality of work they are responsible for to slowly get worse. In addition to the overall decrease in employee moral, unchecked management can lead to complacency in the workplace, which can contribute to negative practices that can interfere with a company’s productivity, and negatively impact workplace culture.

We use formal logic to carefully select a list of questions that will be given to your C suite managers that will allow us to identify areas of potential harm to your company. After completing this brief but comprehensive questionnaire, we will use a combination of our proprietary algorithm and artificial intelligence to analyze and precisely determine which individuals need further questioning and identify any areas of potential harm directly at the source. The process only lasts 2-3 days and should not interrupt normal operations.